Video registration from the conference Emergence and Power.
Editing: Diego Marchante and Eki Irusta.

26.10. 2022

- Opening ceremony
M. Dolors Tapias. Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.

Disciplinary interactions. Art - Science - Environment

Limits, Ecologies and Freedom
George Kallis.
 ICREA Professor at the Institute of Science and Environmental Technologies (ICTA) of the UAB. He is involved in research projects on economics and ecology, positioning himself as a non-disciplinary researcher. He has recently published "Limits. Ecology and freedom".

- Art + Science as transmaking of things
Yvonne Volkart.
  Senior Lecturer and Head of Research at  Institute Art Gender Nature (IAGN), Academy of Art and Design FHNW Basel. She’s currently developing a project called Plants_Intelligence. 

Presents and moderate: Mar Redondo

26.10. 2022

Inhabiting the margins. Arts - Architecture - Public space

- Acciones al margen desde la contradisciplina
Torolab (Raúl Cárdenas / Ana Martínez). Artistic collective and laboratory of contextual studies that explores and promotes counter-disciplinary projects for improving the quality of life and the social sphere. Co-curators of the XII BIAU Ibero-American Architecture and Urbanism Biennial.

In the Open. Experimenting in the expanded field of creative approaches to public space
Marion Hohlfeldt.
 Professor of Art History, Department of Visual Arts. Université Rennes2. Director of EUR Creative Approaches to Public Space (GS_CAPS). CAPS focuses on innovative and creative ways of experimenting in research, teaching and academic action, within the public space, combining creative imagination, critical thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Presents and moderate: Eloi Puig


Political imagination. Arts – Sociology – Activism

Everyday utopias in practice - Approaches to interdisciplinary research
Pilvi Porkola.
 Performance artist, writer and researcher. Doctor of Arts (D.A.), graduated at University of Arts, Helsinki 2014. Currently she is working as Senior Researcher in the Academy of Finland project ”Political Imagination and Alternative Futures” (2020-2024) at University of Turku.

The art of being together: care, radical pedagogy and prefigurative practices
Institute of Radical Imagination (IRI) is a group of curators, activists, scholars and cultural producers with a shared interest in co-producing research, knowledge and artistic and political interventions, aimed at the implementation of post-capitalist ways of life.

Presents and moderate: Elena Fraj


- Artistic research: a space to promote disruptive knowledge in the arts and academia. (Closing conference)
Fernando Hernandez Hernandez. University Professor of the Cultural Pedagogy Unit at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. He carries out projects linked to research based on the arts, the post-qualitative turn, new materialisms, and the approach to cartography as epistemology and methodology.
Was editor of the "White Paper on Research at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona" (1998). Director of the 1st Conference on Arts-Based and Artistic Research (2003). Co-author with Natalia Calderón of the book "Artistic research, a space for disruptive knowledge in the arts and the university" (2019).

Presenta y modera: Núria Sempere